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We use the best cleaning system, detergents, and equipment to ensure your garments come back as clean, bright, soft, and stain-free as possible. Add in hand-finished pressing and ironing and your clothing will look and feel their best the next time you wear them.


Shirts are laundered and meticulously finished collars are treated and broken buttons replaced. If desired starch is hand dipped, so only the cuffs collars and front placket are starched, so the rest of the shirt can breathe. Shirts that are folded are done so by hand. 


The average family spends nine hours a week doing laundry! Don't you have better things to do, such as spend more time with your family, hang out with friends, or even just relax! Let us help you! Try our 4 minutes laundry. You only need to spend 2 minutes to drop off your laundry and 2 minutes to pick up. We will wash, dry, and fold your laundry perfectly


We specialize in cleaning and pressing the finest linens, so you can experience hotel luxury in your own home. Sleep magnificently on fresh pressed sheets, or dine lavishly on crisp table clothes and napkins. Have us clean your bedding and household linens, including blankets, bedspreads, down comforters, draperies and sofa covers.


One of the most important pieces of clothing a woman can own in her lifetime, is her wedding dress. At Wong Cleaners we understand this and will only offer the best possible solution to cleaning and preserving your wedding dress. We have partnered with the best in the business, Wedding Gown Preservation Co. They have been family owned and operated since 1913. Wedding Dresses are their only business.

Just bring in your gown and accessories and we will take care of the and preservation packaging. You may also send items such as your veil, headpiece, gloves, garter, moneybag, handkerchief, slip, flower girl gown, etc. Additional fees may apply.

Each gown is evaluated upon its arrival and the best cleaning process for that particular gown is used. All of our processes are safe, gentle and environmentally safe. Your gown is then fitted on an acid-free bust form and packed in our acid-neutral preservation chest.


Our expert Tailor can handle all your alteration and repair needs. We can make repairs such as replace buttons, patch holes, put on patches, new pockets, ect.  Our Tailor has even fixed children's teddy bears and dog toys. We can also alter that suit, dress, skirt, pants, or whatever have you. To give you that custom tailored fit and make you look like a million bucks.

       LEATHER &    SUEDES

Bring us your leather and suede clothes to ensure your garments will be cleaned with special care by an expert. Though we do not clean leathers in house, we’ve partnered with a professional, qualified leather specialist to have your items looking new. Your pieces will be returned in perfect condition, with no warping, discoloration, or stretching. Uggs can also be cleaned.

Same Day Service

One of the benefits of doing all our work on premises, is that we can offer same day service!  In by 10am done by 4:30pm Mon-Fri and some Saturdays.

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